• Expressive Arts Therapy uses a multi-modal therapeutic approach with creative arts such as movement, dance,  visual art, clay work and play (such as sand trays), music, writing, sound and voice in a safe and supportive setting to create opportunities for healing and growth.
    • Art is not interpreted; Expressive Arts Therapy is a client centred approach that emphasizes  the creative, imaginal process for healing. 
    • There is not a final goal of producing a good product. It's all about the journey.
    • Aesthetics are left at the door with no discussion or judgements in regards to the quality of the art that is created.                                                                                                                 
    • Everyone has an innate ability to be creative
    • The creative process is healing. The process of Expressive Arts resources the client with important messages about themselves and is deeply transformational. 
    • We work with our emotions to build insight and self-awareness. 
    • The creative process leads us into our inner imaginal world where we can discover previously unseen or unknown aspects of ourselves.
    • The multi-modal approach creates a dialog that informs and enriches each mode of art, creates an opening for serendipity to manifest.
    • We begin to build stronger and deeper connections with our inner core or humanity and to the world in which we live. Inner and outer worlds move closer together and healthier relationships to both are built.
Possible outcomes
Stronger awareness of self, i.e. our true nature and how we relate and connect to our extermal and internal worlds.
Self - empowerment
The ability to use our own creativity and imagination in our life situations.
Learning to play. 


Gord Grant, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist

Aleeta Grant, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist

Aleeta and Gordon are graduates of the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada. They also have  many years of mindfulness and meditation practice and are visual artists.