Expressive Arts Therapy

Access your authentic self expression and unlock deep healing and transformation


Our Approach

We believe that expression is central to being human yet many of us have lost our connection with this essence. Expressive Arts Therapy is psychotherapy that uses a variety of artistic modalities—movement, drawing, painting, writing, poetry, sound, voice and play (such as sand trays) to tap into our authentic expression in a safe and supportive environment. No artistic talent is required. This form of psychotherapy is beneficial for people wanting to heal Trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction issues.




Individual Therapy Sessions

Explore your authentic expression in a safe and nurturing environment and learn to let go of the negative self images, thoughts and behaviors that are in the way of you experiencing wellness and happiness. 


Group Therapy Sessions

Using similar techniques as individual therapy session in a group setting. There are powerful opportunities for transformation and healing when we work together to heal our traumas, anxieties and addictive behaviours.


About Us

Aleeta and Gordon Grant are Certified Expressive Arts Therapists and graduates of the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at Langara College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their therapeutic approach is rooted in developing mindfulness through meditation and visual art.

I didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas when I first started working with Aleeta, I was a little curious though as to just how dancing, writing, drawing and painting was going to help me. It was not a side of myself that I had embraced since I was a small child, and didn’t really see the point of it. However I was surprised at just how much I opened up session after session, and I really got to appreciate the value of expressing my creativity, and beginning to feel safe again in my body through movement.